City impressions of Amsterdam

Bilderbuchsommer auf Ameland

#Energiestadt #Grevenbroich: weitläufig. auch der Begriff.

Unglaubliche Flugakrobaten: Störche. Störche. Störche.

stimmt. stimmt nicht. stimmt…

"They don’t believe in art"

Ahmed Mahin Fayaz is a 23 year old Maldivian photographer. His passion is shooting portraiture, and portraits of the unparallelled skies and waves of Maldives. “Male makes you feel compressed”, he says. “There is no freedom of speech”. The religion is omnipresent and tends to be quite radical. For me it’s safe to take pictures and write articles, I’m a tourist, but when he goes to the local market to take photos, people tell him to stop and that he better find something better to do. “They don’t believe in art.” I couldn’t believe in what he was saying until I accompanied him on a photo walk. When we were there together, the locals ignored my presence and yet glared at him like some kind of boundary was being crossed.

Male, the capital of the Maldives is a small island. Nearly 100’000 people live in an area of only 1.77 square kilometer – that’s more densely populated than Hong Kong. “I’m looking for a way to break out” Ahmed says. He is very active on social media, namely Tumblr and Facebook. On Facebook he has 1500+ followers and whenever he puts a picture on Instagram he gets a lot of likes within minutes. And yet, there is still no way to make a living by taking pictures. “The Maldives is truly paradise – but for whom? Definitely not the locals it seems. “I have to go abroad to find my future”

Höchste Berg auf den Malediven: Er ist aus Plastik →